Promotion booth of related company and franchise

B2B / B2C simultaneous (field sales)

  • Equipment Zone

    HMR & Healthy food Zone
    Pomotion brand/product
    Buyer meeting
    On-site sales
  • Franchise Zone

    Start-ups consulting
    Seminar for start-ups
    Provide information
    Counseling for franchising
    Recruit franchisees
    1. Pavilion of Japan, China
    2. Southeast Asia
    3. B2B Consultation session
    4. Build-up new network
    5. between companies
    1. China, the United States and Hong Kong are in negotiations on export.
    2. All products were sold out.
    3. Signed a contract to supply large-sized mart, operated a pop-up store in Lotte department store
    4. It was sold out in two days after the event started.
    5. China's $ 70 million export contract has been concluded.
  • Chemistry food ZONE

    Excellent food with ramen
    And on-site sales
  • Idea product ZONE

    Ramen noodles with ideas
    Exhibition of kitchen appliances
  • Small Business Zone

    Ramen made with rice, barley potato,
    Ramen noodles using local specialties